March 2, 2022

Access Insights and Intelligence Directly in Your Google Calendar

Written by Karli Stone

Meeting prep shouldn’t be a chore! insights are now available in your calendar to help you succeed in your meetings, without leaving your schedule tab! has integrated with Google Calendar to help save you time and offer valuable insights and intelligence in even more places where you already work.

Pre-meeting research is tedious and time consuming. Searching to gain an understanding of your prospects and their business is an essential part of closing every deal, however, it is not simple or enjoyable.

In fact, 30% of business professionals say the most stressful thing about meetings is preparing reports and gathering information.

Scraping the internet for relevant insights, Googling the names of meeting participants, bouncing between various social media pages; these are the kinds of tasks that have sales professionals scrambling in the final minutes before their important meetings.

With an Apollo account and our unparalleled Chrome Extension, pre-meeting stress is of the past!

You can create a streamlined pre-meeting workflow with instant access to millions of data points on verified contacts, all within your Google Calendar or Gmail tab. You’ll not only save time and complete more tasks, you’ll show up to your meetings confident, prepared, and fully equipped with relevant information on your prospect.

Let’s take a closer look at what this feature will do for you…

How does it help you?

The and Google Calendar integration is a research solution that helps salespeople and marketers find their pre-meeting data faster, easier, and more effectively.

In Google Calendar, our Chrome Extension gives you:

  • Actionable contact info at the click of a button. Get to know your meeting guests without leaving your Google Calendar and/or Gmail tab and unlock valuable prospect details that will help you close
  • Massive time savings. Say goodbye to tedious platform-switching and gain valuable insights on your meeting attendees in minutes
  • Expansive B2B data you can count on. With hundreds of millions of verified contacts across 30M companies, Apollo sends the most reliable data in-market straight to your Google Calendar
  • A streamlined meeting to follow-up workflow. Manage your prospects, log meeting notes, create follow-up tasks, and send follow-up emails, all in one place using state-of-the-art Apollo workflows

And (if you can believe it!) all of this is available directly in your Google Calendar and Gmail calendar sidebar.

One window, a few clicks, and no fuss.

Getting Started

To access Apollo intelligence and data in Google Calendar, simply, download the extension, open your calendar, and hover over a meeting to easily view insights!

Getting started is easy…

New users to Apollo must first download our Chrome Extension.

For users with the Chrome Extension already installed, you’ll need to enable the Google Calendar integration. Head to the Apollo icon on your Chrome Browser and toggle “on” the Google Calendar setting. 

For more detailed instructions, you can check out this help site article.

Once the Chrome Extension is installed and permissions are granted, you can start integrating the Google Calendar feature into your scheduling workflow!

Here are the details:

Step 1: Head over to your Google Calendar, and click on a meeting in your schedule

step 1

Step 2: With the meeting details open, click on the Apollo icon next to the meeting invitee you want to research

step 2

Step 3: On the vertical sidebar, select the Apollo icon to use the Chrome Extension:

step 3

Here, you’ll see all the contact’s information that’s stored in Apollo, right there in your calendar.

And just like that, you’ve integrated Apollo’s first-class B2B data directly into your calendar. 

The Gmail Calendar Sidebar

Most meeting scheduling begins and ends in email inboxes, which is why the Apollo and Google Calendar integration is also compatible with the sidebar in your Gmail!

With the handy and accessible Gmail Calendar Sidebar, you can gain all the Apollo sales intelligence that you would in your Google Calendar (contact info, prospect insights, company data, Apollo contact stages, Apollo lists and notes, etc.), but within your Gmail tab.

Whether you’re following up with sales-qualified leads, sorting through your inbox, or managing email folders, you can count on Apollo bringing reliable contact data straight to you.

To use the Chrome Extension in your Gmail, head to your Gmail account. Click the Google Calendar sidebar and select the meeting you want to view:


Next, click the Apollo icon next to the contact you want to view:


Now, you’ll see the Apollo content panel right in you Gmail sidebar:

chrome extension

The information you’ll see is the same as in the full view of Google Calendar, just easier to access for on-the-go users.

Contact data, company insights, recent activities, social handles, contact stages, with the Google Calendar integration enabled, a world of functionality awaits you…

So what are you waiting for?

Download the Apollo Chrome Extension today and let Apollo handle the pre-meeting research for you!

Apollo Chrome extension

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